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 We have an old computer that runs really slow but believe it still has some life in it, what can you do to help us?

There are a couple of options we could choose between to work with this situation… we could run...

 Are you up 24/7? Do you make any guarantees for up time?

Yes, hosting is 24/7 and up-time is 99.99%, per Pingdom monthly statistics. We can ensure at...

 Do you have a data recovery plan?

In addition to the hosted backups, which are automated, and the RAID 10 redundancy, provided...

 Would you help install a data server?

We can do this for you, yes. We would probably recommend an open-source project such as FreeNAS...

 How much do you charge for computer support?

We charge a competitive and affordable $20 per hour for computer support assistance; there is a...